I am a Registered Massage Therapist in Vancouver BC, and Maggie was my fascial stretch therapist before she moved to Tulum. Maggie had the innate ability to read my body and follow the patterns of tension which sometimes lead to places I didn’t realize were involved. I always left her office feeling taller, more limber, and as though my body was integrated. The treatments were effective, holistic, and relaxing.

As a health care practitioner, Maggie is skilled and compassionate. I would highly recommend her treatments to anyone who is looking to heal from an injury, whether chronic or acute.

– Jess Von Henzke, RMT- Vancouver

I cannot say enough about how amazing the fascial stretch therapy sessions with Maggie are! I have been getting 90-minute sessions weekly for just over a month now and I truly feel as if it’s changed my life! I’ve always had some hip flexor/hip joint pain and problems, mostly from an old hip surgery and my runner’s life of the past. Then recently, I’ve had a lot of neck, shoulder, and upper back pain and stiffness from working lots on a computer daily. Maggie has such an incredibly high-level of experience in the body, anatomy, and just a keen sense of intuition of what her clients’ need. She can feel where you need to be worked on most of all. In my case, I’m pretty in tune with my body and she helps alleviate so much of my pain, stiffness, and problem ‘trigger’ areas. I can just say the spot that I need and she takes care of it. This new form of massage/stretch therapy is invaluable to the health of any individual. It has helped me alleviate stress and all my tightening and stiffness in the body. I often feel euphoric when getting this therapy…like a tingling sensation as if my body is releasing so much stress and tension. It brings circulation back throughout my body and I leave my sessions feeling 10 feet tall! I know it has been helping my mind, body, and spirit as well as bringing life and vitality (and youth) back to my joints so they function so much better. Working on fascia tissue in the body is to me, an amazing way to optimize my body’s health. I feel really great and I appreciate this therapy more than I’d ever imagined. Thanks Maggie!

– Dena DaSilva

Very professional. Great service and rates. Highly Recommend!

– Bethany Neumann

I’ve had Maggie’s therapy and she is so well trained and a super skilled body worker. What she does is different than anything I have ever had, and VERY effective. I recommend her very highly!

– Margo Gunther, Massage specialist, Tulum

I highly recommend Maggie for fascial stretch therapy (FST) work.

Her knowledge of muscles, tendons and joints is excellent. She is very professional and definitely has been able to help me with some body issues. Her stretching techniques, along with the breathing exercises were very helpful.

Her suggested home work of selected exercises were helpful. When I didn’t do them, I would just need to visit her more often!

– Harley Stanfield, North Vancouver BC Canada